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Big Fish

Michigan Walleye Season

The early walleye season in Saginaw Bay starts May 1st out of Bay City. This is prime time to catch some of the bigger fish that are dropping back into the bay from their spring spawning runs.

June & July provide exceptional walleye action. The weather is warm and fishing is hot! Limit catches of these scrappy gamefish are the rule rather than the exception. White bass, big perch, catfish, freshwater drum, and northern pike are frequently a part of the days catch, often providing non-stop action.

August can also be a fine walleye month if the weather holds constant. However, once the water warms up over 82 degrees surface temperature, the fishing goes south.

The Saginaw Bay

Saginaw Bay has the unique characteristics of a relatively shallow basin full of bait, but in close proximity to the cold deep waters of Lake Huron. Influx of cold water mixing with warmer shallow bay waters create the perfect habitat for feeding walleyes. The combination provides the most fertile walleye fishing grounds in the world!

Sometimes once just
isn't enough!

2021 v. 2020 both years we have had a great experience with this charter company. The Captain is very fun and entertaining, as well as experienced! - June 21, 2021

Allison N. | 2020, 2021

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